Just when you start thinking that things are going to lighten up, the insanity just keeps on keeping on. Things have been really busy this last couple of weeks, and it's starting to look like a busy summer despite my earlier predictions.

The Toronto Comicon went awesome, we got our name out there, and we've been averaging five sales a week since the show. When you combine that with our subscription customers it's just about where I predicted we'd be. We've tried a couple of cool stunts as well such as mailing out free comics on Free Comic Book Day (which cost about $140.00 to do…so much for free!), and I'm about to send out an email on subscriptions.

That's the next big thing I want to tackle, we need more subscriptions. I would like it very much if we had about 10 more people subscribed to get their monthly fix. It was in the business plan to have 20 people subscribed by the end of year one, right now we're at 10, so half way there. We've got 4 months to get those last 10.

Ryan was a godsend when it came to finishing up the store, he worked his butt off, and did a terrific job. The subscriptions tool is wicked, and I love how easy it is to use.

Ryan and I have a ton of stuff on the go for HeadsDown right now. We just finished up the Western Ontario Hockey League, I'm creating a template for a clinical psychologist in Toronto, and we've got two pitches out to a transportation company in London and a total e-store site in Toronto.

We're starting to productize our E-Commerce installs and we want to start selling them to Hobby Stores and small businesses next.

In addition to all of that, we're working behind the scenes on the next version of HeadsDown which will incorporate a ton of new features, and add a lot of little things that are missing.

Oh, and we're helping to raise kids. Yeah, it'll be a busy summer for sure.