Here’s a bunch of web links I’ve been looking at this week.

How to Add Drop Shadows to Menus or Windows with CSS
This one looks cool as I consider ways of improving my various sites and consider how to make stuff a little more graphical while still being semantic and clean.

UI is the Killer Feature
Yeah it is! You can’t have usability without a user, and you can’t have a user interface without considering usability.

Panic – Coda one window web development
This looks really cool, but it’s Mac Only, and it’s not really for me. 🙁

How to use WordPress as a Truly Customized CMS (Multiple Headers, Footers, Sidebars and more!)
This is great, I love WordPress, and I’d love to use it as a more full fledged CMS for other sites. This shows you just how to do that.

To Hell with Bad Browsers
I’m writing an article on why people should abandon IE 6, and move on to IE 7 at the very least. It’s based in a large part on Jeffery Zeldman’s awesome article here.