Okay, I'm at a loss. I'm being entirely overwhelmed by spam, to the point where it is taking an inordinate amount of time out of my day to sort through what is Spam and what is not. Email spam, comment spam, hotmail spam, gmail spam, work spam, home spam, and now frigging Email form spam! It's out of control, and it has to stop!

At work I get approximately 2 spam messages for every 1 legit email that goes through. Our crack IT staff claims that we have a spam guard, but it's letting the obscure stuff through (to their credit, I get no porn spam anymore, but I get a buttload of viagra ads…maybe that's telling me something).

My Hotmail account has been innundated with spam of late, on a 1-1 level (and the rest of the “legit” emails are usually from a mailing list that I've signed up for accidentally while filling in one of the countless numbers of registrations (I registered for 2 more sites just today alone).

My Gmail account gets very little spam, but I'm still seeing 1 or 2 spam messages a week…odd since the only people who know about that account are Google (for my AdWords and Analytics accounts).

My home account gets a few spam a day, but Office's Junk Mail feature seems to catch most of them.

Where it's out of control however is this very site (and All New Comics). The Spam Trolls have latched onto story 21, 6 and 4. The TSN.ca Reloaded story (number 21) gets the most, with spams from such clever names as “Fetish Comment”, Bob Comment, Flights Comment, Terry Comment, and Zen Comment. Here's my favourite part. These comment spammed pages just suck. They usually have dumb assed things to say, and they're just link collections for things nobody would care to click on anyway. Here's an example from “Wedding Comment”

It's a link to a wedding planner. The link goes to a page with more links. That's it. I was going to put the link in there, but you know what? Eff those guys.

Spammers and spam autobots, please read these words carefully with your automated opticizers.







I approve each and every comment on my website, as a result when I see your bullshit, I simply hit the Delete button. Even better? I changed the approval process so it defaults to delete! Your comments will never get seen by anyone, not even me!

So just go away, you're wasting your own precious resources and everyone's time.

The crap thing is I removed commenting from that story months ago, and the damn bots are STILL getting through somehow. Guess I'll just have to break my comment form to get the message out.

Spam. I hate spam.