It’s Wednesday (I think…on a ship all the days blend together), and today was our second port, St. Maarten. Apparently cruising is all about the shopping, which Charlene and I aren’t all about. There’s only so many times you can see the same pair of diamond earrings (something Char doesn’t really wear), or the same gaudy jewlery, or cheap booze, before you realize you’ve seen it all before.

We ARE all about beaches though. Today we spent about five hours on a gorgeous white sand beach, lazing around, dipping into the ocean (which is about as warm as a nice tepid bath).

The cruise is amazing, the ship is awesome, and the food is just out of this world.

On our second day, Char and I won $72 at a bingo we played in, and the boat has a casino onboard, which I’ve won $60.00 on craps, and another $50.00 playing blackjack. The drinks are amazing (though a little overpriced), and the coffee is decent.

The only thing really silly so far is the internet. Fifty cents a minute, and just getting to a website takes about 30 seconds. Ouch.