Stupid Hollywood excuses

Last year when Halo 3 came out and sold more than $300 million dollars worth of copies in 7 days, Hollywood trades blamed it as the reason that Ben Stiller’s movie “The Heartbreak Kid” made less than $14 million opening weekend. Halo 3 drained gamers’ everywhere will to see the movie.

This week GTA IV came out, it is predicted to have outsold Halo 3 by a three to one factor (that’s nearly a billion dollars in a week).

Iron Man came out the same week, and made $100 million dollars in the weekend (over $200 million worldwide).

Here’s a theory…and it’s absolutely crazy. Maybe nobody went to see Heartbreak Kid because it sucked (seriously, at the time Char and I had seen like 6 movies in a year, and we decided the best part of our night was the popcorn).

Maybe people went to see Iron Man because it was a good movie.

Maybe people who are playing video games that take 100 hours to finish can find a couple of hours to go see a good movie, but don’t bother when the movie looks bad.

I know…crazy theory. I’m stupid like that sometimes.

By Brian Garside

Brian is a digital experience expert, and part time internet superhero. He focuses on digital first design, digital strategies, content management, website usability, and user experience. He was part of the team behind BalanceDo, the co-founder of All New Comics, and the chief strategist at NorthIQ.