Last year when Halo 3 came out and sold more than $300 million dollars worth of copies in 7 days, Hollywood trades blamed it as the reason that Ben Stiller’s movie “The Heartbreak Kid” made less than $14 million opening weekend. Halo 3 drained gamers’ everywhere will to see the movie.

This week GTA IV came out, it is predicted to have outsold Halo 3 by a three to one factor (that’s nearly a billion dollars in a week).

Iron Man came out the same week, and made $100 million dollars in the weekend (over $200 million worldwide).

Here’s a theory…and it’s absolutely crazy. Maybe nobody went to see Heartbreak Kid because it sucked (seriously, at the time Char and I had seen like 6 movies in a year, and we decided the best part of our night was the popcorn).

Maybe people went to see Iron Man because it was a good movie.

Maybe people who are playing video games that take 100 hours to finish can find a couple of hours to go see a good movie, but don’t bother when the movie looks bad.

I know…crazy theory. I’m stupid like that sometimes.