Stupid Virii

I got nailed by Nimda…and not from opening e-mails. First off, I’ve patched my system so I can’t get Code Red, I’ve installed a new hard drive, and I’ve got Norton Internet Security keeping an eye out for infections…there are a lot of SubSeven Trojans in the world. Last night however, a new program started asking for permission to use the internet, something called “TFTP.exe”, when I did a search on it (before deciding whether I should grant or deny access to this protocol), I found out that it was used as a back door into systems, and that you can infect a system by using it. Further investigations revealed a new worm called “Nimda” (admin spelled backwards), a quick Virus Definition update, and sure enough, it was the first thing that was caught. It had infected three files, admin.dll on the C: drive, admin.dll on the D: drive, and TFTP1476 in the InetPub/Scripts directory.

Damn viruses.

I don’t know what to say about last week. It all seems like a bad dream, but you can’t avoid it, it’s on every station, and honestly even today I woke up, turned on CNN, and expected the worst. On Saturday I awoke to a woman screaming on my clock radio, shouting “Oh my god, it’s coming down, oh my god, it’s coming down.” it took me a couple of seconds to realize it was a replay from Tuesday morning’s events. That I did NOT need. All I know for sure is that I do not want to fly anywhere for the forseeable future. There ain’t nowhere in the world that I need to be so bad that I gotta fly there right now when who knows what nutball is out there doing what.

Album Du Jour: This has been an all radio week, understandably.

DVD of the week: No time for movies.

Movie of the week: No time for movies.

Game of the week: Twisted Metal Black for the PS2

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