THE D rules. The D is the greatest band that ever existed. The D rules all. The D is…D-licious!!!

Go to the Tenacious D website now, listen to the first single “WonderBoy”. Jack Black is a very funny man.

This has been a fun weekend. On Friday night I picked up the cameras for TSNMAX at Henry’s and am in the process of putting them together today. After picking up the cameras, we went out for dinner at the Beacher and then I went home and packed. At 11:00, Char and I went and saw Shikasta, (who rocked the mic by the way). Last night Ryan and Kari came down so we went to Tortilla Flats and had some daquiri’s (which are the best damn daquiris in the city) and then came home to crash out. This morning Kari and I went to The Beacher for breakfast because Ryan had gone home at 8:00. Charlene is currently at her shower, getting all showered and whatever else girls do during these things.

I played a little Twisted Metal Black, and now I’m surfing the web before going back downstairs to continue with the putting together of cameras and stuff.

This was a lousy comic week, but I’d say the best thing I read this week was U.S. War Machine #1&2 (it’s a weekly, so I picked up the first two issues on Wednesday). It’s interesting, and it’s moving along very quickly.

For last week, the best comic of the week was a toss up between the Authority #26, and Ultimate X-Men #9, coincidentally, both written by Mark Millar.