I had the opportunity to go to Toronto to visit my old buddies John and Charles at 70 Main Street.  The boys from 70 Main Street did the redesign of TSN.ca back when we merged the TSNMax content back into TSN, and it was a sight to behold, still one of my favourite designs.  I got to talk to the guys about doing some major changes to Info-Tech, and bringing in an outside view (as well as getting an extra couple of pairs of arms working with me).

It was awesome.  Probably my favourite part of the day was the fact that because of FaceBook, we didn’t have the awkward “So what have you been doing for the last 10 years?”, conversation, which it would turn out was a crap ton of stuff.  Because the three of us are FaceBook friends, I know we’re all married, John has two boys around the same age as Kaylin and Maks, while Charles has a daughter just slightly younger than Maks.

I think Facebook is awesome for this kind of stuff, because in the bad old days I would have lost contact with awesome people like John and Charles, and I’d be dealing with an agency I didn’t know today.

Facebook…it’s not just for creeping your public school chums anymore.

Of course I should also mention the whole aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which devastated New York and New Jersey this week.  As if Mother Nature rattling the cages wasn’t enough, Disney bought Lucasfilm.  Something I’m still kind of processing and will talk more about that later.

  • Comic of the Week: Batman Lil’ Gotham #1. Painted by Dustin Nguyen, an awesome digital only book.
  • TV Show of the Week: Breaking Bad.  Char and I watched the final two episodes of this season.  Wow.
  • Movie of the Week: Wreck It Ralph – saw it on the weekend with the kids, Disney totally “gets” the Pixar formula now.  This movie was the Toy Story for video games, and it was totally fun to watch.
  • Rental Movie of the Week: Safety Not Guaranteed – A small movie about the power of belief and realizing what matters most.  This is the kind of flick that would have had 2 unrentable copies at Blockbuster a couple years back, and which we easily grabbed on iTunes last night and just watched.
  • Website of the Week: Star Wars George Lucas became a billionaire overnight by selling Lucasfilm, LucasArts and all the Star Wars properties to Disney.  The Star Wars site was a great place to learn the news.