A couple of months ago I mentioned “the plan” and how I would be working on “The plan”, and how just having “the plan” made me feel better about my future. Well I'm pleased to say that after quite a bit of thought, a little bit of negotiation, and a lot of soul searching, “the plan” has begun and we initiated the first phase of it this week. Yesterday, for the second time in my life I quit TSN.ca.

I've accepted a position with Info Tech, an IT research group based in my home town of London Ontario.

Char and I have been talking about this for a couple of months, I had two head hunters working for me, but it was my London friend John who came up with the contact at Info Tech which led to the job.

Info Tech looks like a really cool place to work, and because they have an office in Toronto, I'll be able to transition nicely to our eventual London base.

Moving to London will put us closer to family, give us a smaller mortgage, and most importantly reduce our expenses to a level that will allow Charlene to stay at home with Kaylin.

For the last week or so we've been putting the finishing touches on “the plan” getting things in place just in case everything came to pass, which it now has. We're in great shape now.

Last night we found a real estate agent in Ajax, and our house should be on the market in the next couple of weeks. We found some painters who should be able to paint up our house this weekend or next week. We're going to hang pictures, make the joint look more pretty.

Ryan suggested a real estate agent in London, who we're going to speak to this weekend, and we've found 4 places we'd like to take a look at as well.

Yep, “the plan” is in effect.