I don’t often advocate one piece of software over the other, but I’m going to do just that right now.

If you’re reading this website on Internet Explorer, and you’re wondering how the XXX Toolbar got on your browser, and why the Alexia Toolbar is up there, and hey, what’s with the pop-up that just came up on this site (Damn Chronicology, having pop-up ads, but wait, didn’t he just say he’s now ad-free? Well if the pop-up didn’t come from his website it couldn’t have come from my browser could it?).

It’s time to make a switch.

No, I’m not suggesting you move to a Mac, I’m suggesting you Get Firefox. I’ve been using this browser for over a year now since its .4 release, and I love it. There’s a preview release of it out now, but on November 9th the full 1.0 version will be released.

It’s faster than I.E., it’s more secure than I.E., it’s smaller than I.E., it has a built in pop-up blocker, built in Google search, built in bookmarks managment. The interface is similar to I.E., so it’s not like you have to learn something entirely new, but [Ctrl] [T] will become your new favourite keyboard combo. Tabbed browsing, it doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but it will make your browsing so much better.

Firefox. Just do it.