This is my stupid wrist

My Broken Wrist
I am Brian's Broken Wrist

Three weeks ago today I broke my right wrist playing hockey.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  Three weeks ago today I broke my right wrist falling on the ice.

I wish the story was as good as “I was playing hockey, and I went for the puck, and somehow broke my wrist.” I wish I could say “During a chippy play, a stick came down on my wrist and it really hurt.”, maybe I could even say “Joel (Info-Tech’s CEO) cross checked me from behind with such force that I crashed into the boards and broke my wrist in two places.”.

I WISH I could say that, but that didn’t happen.

Three weeks ago, a bunch of us from work got together at the John Labatt Center in London for a little game of shinny.  It was an awesome surface that’s MILES above my skating and playing level.  I haven’t laced up skates in 5 years, and even back then I was just getting back into hockey. My first shift on the ice, I got posession, and couldn’t figure out who was who, and promptly dumped the puck…dumb move.  I started to get my steam towards the half way mark, and thought I might be able to hold my own by the end of the night.

There I was.  Standing there, all by myself, about to skate back down the ice.  I leaned back on my skates a little, because I was lazy, and fell on my tailbone.  I went straight down, in what would normally rock my world, but I was wearing my mouth guard, so I didn’t concuss myself.  Instead, my wrist bent back because I was still holding my stick.

I instantly skated off onto the bench, thinking I had jarred my wrist and that in a few seconds it would be okay.  I tore my gloves off and yelled a profanity as I tried to shake it off, but it wouldn’t shake off.

I decided I’d better go to the dressing room and get some ice on the thing.  As I was waiting for one of the attendants to get some ice, I started to feel the tell tale signs of a black-out.  See, that’s one of the fun little reactions of my body to pain.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a tattoo, or a sprained ankle, I start to hear the far away echo’s, and the long hallway tunnelvision, and the little black spots around my edges.  I sat down, and willed myself to remain conscious, determined that the guys wouldn’t walk into the dressing room to find me unconscious.

I then took off my gear, one handed, and headed out to my car (as the guys were coming in off the ice).  I drove (stick) to the hospital, and went to Urgent Care.

I was only in there for about an hour, and I got an x-ray, and got to see a doctor.  He said it looked like a sprain, but I’d be fine.  Take Ibuprofin for the swelling, and wrap it if I needed.

Thursday kind of sucked, but I managed to massage it to a state where I could type, and on Friday I was feeling mostly okay, except I couldn’t fully close it, and the wrist bone was starting to hurt.  Saturday things felt worse, and every time I picked up Maks was agony (and the little dude loves to rough me up).  I was resigned to making a Dr’s appointment on Monday when Char told me there was a message from Urgent Care.

Turns out the doctor missed the break, and I needed to go back.

I headed back, and they were ready for me, about 30 minutes later I left with an appointment for the HULC (Hand and Upper Limb Clinic), and a half cast.

At the HULC on Wednesday, I was told I had broken both sides of my wrist, and did some ligament damage (most likely while I was without a cast, because the initial x-ray didn’t show the ligament damage), so I got cast up in a slick fiberglass cast, and sent home.

I go in this morning to hopefully get this stupid thing removed and a soft cast on (it’s HELLA hard to type and mouse with this thing, not to mention draw, or anything else), and other than a little swelling initially, and some chafing right now, things have been pretty good.  I feel like it’s healing up really well now, and hopefully it will be good news in the morning.  Stay tuned for an update!

By Brian Garside

Brian is a digital experience expert, and part time internet superhero. He focuses on digital first design, digital strategies, content management, website usability, and user experience. He was part of the team behind BalanceDo, the co-founder of All New Comics, and the chief strategist at NorthIQ.