Four years ago today Charlene and I got married at the Inn on the Park. It's kind of cliche to say that I got married to my best friend, but it's true. She's the love of my life, the receiver of comic books, the light for my soul, the bearer of lightsabers, and the mother of my child. All in all, she's a pretty cool gal, and I'm glad she said yes on that cold February eve (edit, Charlene reminds me that it was a February afternoon when I popped the question on a hillside mountain on her first ski-trip…by the way, never propose to a woman on her first ski-trip…it ends up causing what she referred to as “engagement bruises).

This has been a crazy 12 months. This time last year we were living in a friend's basement, preparing for our cruise and going out to Ajax to pull some cruise wear out of the storage facility. We were pretty much free and clear, most of our savings were in place for the house, we had a little bit of extra cash, and other than worries that our house would be delayed yet again, we didn't have too many cares in the world.

A couple of months later we moved into our new house and shortly after that Charlene found out she was pregnant. Now that little bundle of joy lies in the other room with her mom, growing at an amazing rate and getting to be more fun to be around every single day.

One of the cool things that Char's childhood friend Anne did for us at the wedding was to put an envelope at each table with a questionairre, asking things like where I would be working (at the time I had been through 4 jobs in 18 months), where we would be living, how many pets we would have, where we would vacation, and what we would do for our anniversary.

This year's was dead on. Table 4 said we would be sitting around the house staring into our new baby's eyes and being amazed at how much love we could feel. (All right, we did manage to take the little bundle of joy out for dinner with us earlier in the evening, but it was pretty much spot on).

The place we got married at was recently converted into condos at Leslie and Eglinton. The restaurant where we went on our first date is closed. We however, just keep going and going and going.