Not available in stores...the WordPress Plugin Bar <tm>

Not available in stores...the WordPress Plugin Bar

For this week’s Web Design Wednesday segment, I’m going to revisit a post I wrote about back in August, but a lot of stuff has changed in the seven months since I first wrote it.  For one thing I’m about 100 times more comfortable in WordPress than I was seven months ago.  For another I’ve totally swapped out my old WordPress Plugins for newer better ones.

For another thing, I’ve learned how to build my own plugins.

So this is my latest and most updatedest listing of best plugins for WordPress.  These are all what I consider “manditory” for a new WordPress install.

Askimet – Spam service, so far I’ve gone from several dozen spam a day to 0. That’s a pretty big improvement.  This is a default plugin, but I can’t believe how many people don’t use it.

All in One SEO Pack – Radical Hive is already the #1 result when you enter Brian Garside on Google, and was just a few days after I added this pack.  This also allows me to target specific posts and pages to keywords.

flickrRSS – Photos from my Flickr account right to my sidebar

Google XML Sitemaps – This adds a accessible XML sitemap to your site which makes Google trawling that much better.

LifeStream – Allows you to aggregate all of your “feeds” including Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Delicious, and dozens more into one stream.  I keep mine on the right hand side of my blog.

PHP Code Widget – Just a really simple little thing that lets me put in some PHP code easily into a page.

I Love Social Bookmarking – The best and easiest way to add social bookmarking to your website.

WP Google Analytics – A really simple way of getting your Analytics account into WordPress, also allows for customization such as not counting Admin visitors as visitors (meaning that I don’t get counted when I visit my own site).

WPtouch Iphone Theme -A really easy way to add an iPhone/iTouch interface to your site.  When someone browses with one of these devices, they see a really clean interface.  I love it.

WP SuperCache – A very fast caching plugin for your site.

Honourable Mention:

WP Shopping Cart – It’s a decent little shopping package, makes a Word Press blog into something that you can sell stuff on.