I’m still recovering from working Tuesday at 9:00am to Wednesday at 5:00pm straight with about a half an hour nap (by putting two chairs together and stretching out between them). I went to sleep last night at 6:00 and woke up this morning at 8:00, starving. I then realized that other than a sub at about 2:00 yesterday, I hadn’t eaten at all on Wednesday. I had no time to think about food from about four in the morning until two when I realized I had to eat something or I would pass out. I got home and was too tired to make anything to eat…but luckily the ice cream truck had just arrived, so I grabbed a chocolate shake. By the time I had finished it, I was out like a light. I remember waking up around 4:30 or so in the morning, but I wasn’t really cognizant of what was going on.

I’m working on cutting up the WTSN graphics and getting the site ready for launch. Then I’m going to go in and make sure everyone’s okay, before playing a little ball at Bestview. If the monkeys win tonight, we are in 7th place. If we lose, we are last in the league. I don’t really care where we finish, as long as we have some fun.

Album Du Jour: Disturbed, The Sickness

DVD of the week: Unbreakable extra stuff

Movie of the week: O not as good as Ten Things I Hate About You, but an interesting take on the bard’s work.

Game of the week: Black and White (still, it’s the only thing I’ve got loaded on my new HD).

Website of the week: The Microsoft Pocket PC website. They’re releasing a new OS for my beloved iPAQ!

By the way, my new hard drive works awesome! It’s amazing how much faster it is than the old one. At work I have a new PC as well, a P4 1.4 gig with 512 RAM, and a Matrox Dual Head monitor (which I’ve got hooked up to a 19″ Dell and a 15″ flatscreen). Pretty cool stuff.