Sometimes a good long weekend with nothing in particular to do is just what the doctor ordered. That's exactly what this Labour Day Weekend turned out to be as we relaxed, hung out, and became heroes in our own right.

This last few weeks have been really hectic at work, I have a daily list of 50 things to do, and while I knock off one or two a day, five more seem to appear, so my list of 50 becomes 55 by the end of the week. It's getting to the point where it's wholly disheartening and prioritization becomes an issue because you don't want to do ANY of them, knowing that each will become a herculean task unto itself.

Having pretty much run myself ragged for the last month with preparations for the Comicon, the comicon itself, and the constant battle with keeping All New Comics updated at night, and doing my day job during the day (and usually into the evening), I was burnt out.

Friday, was the darkness before the dawn. I knew that I just needed a weekend where I could dedicate myself to just having fun, not doing anything work related, letting All New Comics fend for itself (other than a little bit of maintenance), and just relax.

Well I did it.

Friday night Gord sent us home a bit early, I took the opportunity to boot home, have some play time with Kaylin before dinner, and then we all went for a walk over to Blockbuster (one of my favourite parts of living in London is that we can walk so many different places.). I traded in some games and picked up Guitar Hero II for the 360. I played a little bit on Friday night, but only did about 3 or 4 songs that first night.

Saturday we went out and bought a tree and a couple of shrubs for our backyard, although the tree was too big for the car. During Kaylin's nap, Char and I busted out Guitar Hero and she played her first few licks, really having a good time with it. My parents came over and my dad and I used the truck to pick up our tree (as well as grabbing some more wood for my garage project, which I'll tackle in a few weeks when the weather cools a bit more).

We had dinner together, and Kaylin had a blast chatting with Grandma and Grandpa.

Sunday we got up and headed out to Port Stanley for the beach. Kaylin had a hoot running around digging in the sand, and after a while we moseyed on over to Mackies for their famous fish and chips and orangina. We headed back to London (with a quick stop at Shaws for ice cream), and relaxed indoors while Kaylin had her nap. After dinner we headed outside into our newly fenced in back yard and planted the tree and shrubs.

Today has been a relaxing day around the house. As I type this Kaylin is napping, and I'm on my laptop in the back yard, the wind whipping my stubbled head, hearing the sound of our new pear tree fluttering in the breeze.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, I don't think it will be too bad. I've had some rest, had time to mull things over in my head and let the spare cycles come up with solutions to problems that I'm not really working on (which is what I find the most successful way of dealing with times when I'm really overwhelmed), and I feel more relaxed than in weeks.

Oh, and I beat Guitar Hero on Easy, and now I'm working through Medium! Char's well on her way to being a heroine herself, and with a little bit of work tonight, she'll have conquered the easy mode herself!