Last week I was diagnosed with an upper resperitory infection. It started out as a chest cold, became an irritating raspy noise in my chest, migrated into a sinus cold, became a sinus infection, and then proceeded on it’s merry way to my ears. I’m on some kick assed anti-biotics. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I still feel lousy. I hack all the time (because there’s still crap in my chest), and the coughing is giving me a headache.

Undeterred though, Char and I tried to make the best of the weekend. We rented Super Size Me on Friday night, which is a chilling look at fast food and what (when taken to the extreme) it can do to you. Basically the dude who did the documentary went on an all McDonalds diet for a month. He pickled his liver in much the same way that someone who would go on an alchoholic bender would do. Good times.

On Saturday we went for a drive to a small town in Caledon where a new community is being built which we had read about in the Toronto Star that morning. The houses are gorgeous, and between $400-$600,000. Ouch. On our way, we stopped at a couple of Sears Outlet stores, and found that the appliances we’re looking for can be found for sometimes up to half price! We found our stove for $450.00, our dryer for $750, and the Fridge we like for $900. All good prices, except the stove was already sold. The dryer is actually one level up from the one we’re looking at, and while that price is spectacular, it would mean we’d spend an extra couple hundred on the washer…not ideal. The fridge was nice, but we have no place to put it (until we re-sort our storage area in Ajax), and I’m not sure about the fridges, some of them were really sketchy, a couple had really bad black mold in them.

After the trip to Caledon, we drove for a while on some of the lovely Ontario back roads back towards Highway 7. As we crested one hill, and approached another, we came across genuine California styled badlands. The Cheltenham Badlands are just off Olde Baseline Road, and they’re truly awe inspiring. Between the red of the earth, the gorgeous colours of the trees, and the amazing September blue sky, it was one of the most amazing places I’ve been in quite some time. We drove looking for the forks of the Port Credit river, and ended up stopping in a couple of little boutiques. It was a pretty nice drive (except for all the hacking of course).

Last night we went for some Swiss Chalet, and then saw Collateral at the Colossus in Woodbridge, which was a really good little flick, and featured some of Tom Cruise’s better acting in a while.

Of course I hacked up half a lung too, so I had that going for me.