Okay, I need to catch up on two weekends here right quick.

Last weekend (September 4th, 5th), Charlene and I went up to Collingwood and spent Sunday at Blue Mountain. It’s amazing what they’ve done up there with the new layout and the new village, it’s pretty nice. Afterwards we headed over to this little waterfall which was absolutely gorgeous, smack dab in the middle of nowhere. You’re walking through a little wooded area, and suddenly it all drops off into this massive gorge, and there’s a great little waterfall.

This past weekend we went looking for furniture, appliances, and all of that good stuff. It was busy, but not packed with things. We are currently making a “wish list” of things we need, and breaking it all down by priority.

I also visited with Kevin from Paradise Comics and Paradise Conventions, talking about re-doing their websites (both Paradise Comics website and the Toronto Comicon website), using the new HeadsDown Content Managment tool (which should launch formally next weekend).