We move in 32 hours. Our house is a shambles of boxes, the chaos making my skin crawl and my teeth literally hurt. The combined stress of a new role at work, a tight deadline, the never ending packing, and the financial circus that we're juggling until the 16th has given me headaches, toothaches , and belly-aches…but it's 32 hours away.

Of course Mother Nature had to get her little giggles in. Last night was a perfect night for driving. I made the 2:15 drive in under 2 hours. I finished up some work (for our tight deadline), and got to bed at about 4am. This morning I woke up around 7, all was well. We went to the lawyers in crisp but clear weather. I gathered up all our garbage and headed to the dump…and as I started filling my dad's truck with all manner of hazzardous debris (I'm only saying that because I KNOW it will drive him insane to think that his truck was carrying a load of anything more dangerous than pillows…and even then they would have to be hypo-allergenic non down type pillows. The man loves his truck), the skies opened and the snow began to drift down.

It was like a cartoon where one minute the world is dry and bare, and the next a 4″ blanket of snow drops all at once.

I made it to the dump, came back home (only an hour and a half, nearly record time…yeah Londoners shut it, “Oh it took me an extra eight minutes to get home tonight”).

I did some more packing and organized the basement, bringing basement stuff to the main floor with my neighbor Jay, to minimize the amount of wear and tear on the house…and then went outside to shovel the drive. As I was loading the truck, this time with a combination of pure rock salt and hydrochloric acid, the freezing rain started.

Now we're not sure if we'll be able to drive to London tomorrow to pick up our keys, and we had planned on leaving the Kegger with my mom and dad. We'll see how the morning looks, but it looks like this round goes to Mother Nature. Well played nature. Well played indeed.