I’m Brian Garside, and this is my professional website where I offer up two decades of world wide web expertise.

I’ve archived a number of my classic posts from “The BalanceDo Blog” here as well, which you’ll find tagged with “BalanceDo”.  These come from hands-on experience building and eventually folding a SAAS business over four years of development.

This is where you will find details on my upcoming book “The Web Hero’s Guide”, everything you need to know about getting your yourself or your business online, and tapping into the power of a global audience.

You’ll also find “So I’ve Got A Website…Now What?”, a free publication about marketing your website and making it an effective marketing tool for yourself or your business very soon.

Some of the posts you’ll find here in the coming months (published once a week), will include:

  • My Many Failures – all of the businesses I have started and what I’ve learned
  • Why Building in a Walled Garden is a Bad Idea – build a website, not a Facebook or LinkedIn presence
  • Businesses I Like: Basecamp – A business that has inspired me to make great stuff
  • People I Admire: Nathan Barry – How Nathan Barry’s products have changed my life
  • How to Build A Site: WordPress – Building your first WordPress site, how to do it right.
  • The BalanceDo MBA – How we built the concepts that created The BalanceDo Small Business MBA
  • Why Free Software isn’t Free – If you’re not paying for it, you’re the product
  • My Default Mac Software Stack – What I use to build websites
  • Businesses I Like: Creative Market – How to spend a little to look great
  • The Creative Brief – How to figure out what your client is asking for
  • How We Built BalanceDo – The Software and Tools we used to make an invoicing app
  • Businesses I Like: Jukebox Printing – Everyone needs business cards.  Jukebox makes awesome ones!
  • Sites I Love that Make Web Pages Awesome – Services that help you make your site better

That’s just a sample of what I’ve got planned here.  I’ll also have a complete portfolio with some pretty great recommendations that I’ve received from friends and colleagues over the years.