I kind of long for those days of being a kid and sitting around waiting for the days to pass, boredom a constant enemy, and time dragging so slowly. As I get older I find that the super-power I most wish for isn't teleportation anymore, it's the ability to hold time in place. Imagine having the ability to sleep for 8 hours while 1 second goes by in real time? That would be awesome.

Sometimes amazing how quickly time flies. Every day at work I look up at the clock sometime in the early afternoon and see that it's 5:00pm. That wasn't always the case, but any time that I'm involved in creative thinking, time just flies by. Of course the days that I'm involved in mundane project management time crawls, as does my productivity.

What is it about the relativity of time though that makes it such a variable? Why is it that the 20 seconds I'm heating up Kaylin's milk while she's calling for me seems to take five minutes, while the three hours that I play BioShock goes by in five minutes?

Of course Hiro on Heroes already has both teleportation AND time control, which just seems unfair.

For those of you looking for the continuation of my week of vacation badness, visit I Heart Baby Toes, where you'll see that the week ended pretty positively, and we had a good time.