I’ve been up to a lot of stuff since the move, not a lot of which has been documented. First off, Char and I have been looking for things to fill our big beige box. It’s almost embarassing that when we have people over we gather around the sink (and breakfast bar) for food, so we need a table. We’re also looking for a living room suite so that we can have people over to chat. Right now they have to sit on our uncomfortable futon, and our six year old Ikea love seat which has seen better days.

I’m also accumulating grown up toys. I got a bunch of tools for Christmas, and I recently bought a work bench. My next purchase will be a mitre saw so that I can build some shelves and do some trim work.

On the web front, Ryan and I are prepping for another season of HockeyUpdater, which should be ready to go soon, and we’re working on some new promotional material.

I’ve been teaching myself DVD authoring so that I can (finally) finish my wedding video. While playing around, I learned about Hal Hartley and Possible Films which are self publishing DVD’s online. It’s a pretty cool concept, and one step closer to Francis Ford Coppola’s vision for film (where it’s as easy to make a movie as it is to sketch a masterpiece).