I've gotten this question quite a bit in my in-box lately, so here's my official, unofficial answer to it. We closed down the TSN.ca/Wrestling site on Tuesday, and replaced the news/views area with a TV Schedule. The move while a fairly big emotional one, wasn't that big of a deal with respect to the site. To be honest all we really did was take the section off of life support.

After 8 years of having a wrestling website, the group of us who actually do it week-in, week-out (usually in our own free time) just became too busy with real life concerns. Three of us have kids now. We're all married, and the product just doesn't have that appeal to us that it once did.

We tried to keep it up, and the site limped along for about 2 years, but we just couldn't keep it up in the last year or so. Heck, I don't think I've personally written on the site for over a year.

Unfortunately the reality for wrestling is that we can't feed it with news wire stories, and even if we did, those stories are usually overwhelmingly negative or terribly tounge in cheek. We therefore have to write opinion pieces or research news stories, both of which take time. With all of the other sports news we need to cover on a daily basis, and the changing of our individual roles at TSN.ca, I was once an editorial assistant, but today I manage a team of developers and graphic designers, we just couldn't keep it up.

Sadly there's no great consipiracy theory, nor does the absence of a wrestling website on TSN.ca have anything to do with the TV product at all, it's just something which has happened due to our personal circumstances.