The Rogers WarningOn Friday I cancelled the last two things I had with Rogers. Home Phone and Internet.

Why did I leave Rogers? I’ve never had a significant outage, I’m mostly happy with the bandwidth speed. My phone has never given me an issue. It can really be boiled down to one reason.

Bandwidth caps aren’t keeping up

A movie on Netflix uses anywhere between 500mb – 3gb. A 30 minute TV show is between 200mb and 1500mb.

A movie on iTunes is 1.5gb for Standard Definition, and 4gb for HD.

What about gaming?

Latest Xbox update – 107mb, Latest PS3 Update – 150mb. When you first buy a wiiU, it downloads a 1gb update. Many games have several hundred megabyte updates.

Bandwidth caps are so counter to how we’re living our digital lives.

These are all totally legal uses of the internet. In addition to that, websites are much bigger than they were a few years ago. A page size of 2mb is becoming more common than it was even last year. When you add in how much we take quick videos for granted, and things are changing greatly.

Of course Rogers has just added unlimited bandwidth, but it’s an extra $10.00 a month on top of their already pricey $65.00 plan. Add in the modem rental, and you’re at $73.00 / month.

I looked around, listened to my friends, and chose TekSavvy. Even though we have to purchase some hardware and pay some installation charges, it’s still $65.00 per month cheaper for phone and internet.

That’s business moving in the right direction.