Wow…I thought I was busy before. Apparently the things that I thought were “busy” were just the preliminary rounds to what is actual busyness. I know my busy-ness is a poor excuse for why I haven't posted on my own darned site in ages…but what can ya do? Here's a few of the things I've been working on;

All New Comics
My little online comic book webstore is getting bigger. My partner Pete and I have been doing a ton of things to get ready for the show, and I'm having a few major projects worked on to help me get the store to where I need it to be. We're going to have a major presence at the Toronto Comicon, and that is sort of our “coming out party”. I'm doing designs for business cards, banners, stands, placards, and a postcard that we will give away to everyone at the show.

We've got a half a dozen regular users on the site right now, and we're getting some good attention. That will increase in the next couple of months because of the next two projects. Hey, remember to sign up today to start getting your comics from All New Comics!

The Toronto Comicon website
I did all of the major work last year, but this year I've been working on a ton of little things like modifying pictures, creating new banner ads, little tiny things that take up a little bit of time each. The show is April 28th-30th and is already embroiled in a major controversy. The competing convention organizer in Toronto, Aman Gupta's “Canadian National Expo”, is running a “Toronto Comicon Fan Appreciation Event” the week before the Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon. I inserted myself into the conversation trying to convince Aman to rename his one day show to be more in line with his summer offerings to reduce the confusion in the marketplace he's causing. He declined…so to prove what a pathetic business man he is, I went out and bought since it's up for grabs. Who knows, maybe I'll start up a comic convention of my own the weekend before his? Fortunately the man is a moron and will probably run himself out of business in the next few years.

The Women of Comics
My partner Pete has had this idea to do a spotlight on the Women of Comics for a couple of years now. We are officially sponsoring the panels and the guests, so we are getting a ton of referrals from the Toronto Comicon website, and we will be getting some good press in the future. I'm noodling around some design ideas for a website.

Then of course there's the Kegger (which is my nickname for her since her initials are K.E.G). She's awesome. Every day she does something else that's awesome. Today for example we tried to see if she'd pull herself to a standing position with some help. She did it no problem, and stood up a couple more times right after. She's also totally addicted to her Jolly Jumper.

Char's stopped posting about the Kegger here because she's posting over on iheartbabytoes, her own personal blog. Go check it out.

Other than that, not much going on. You know, typical stuff.