UPDATE – July 5th.  Disclaimer added to top of post.  Two new images added to the bottom of the post.

DISCLAIMER: This blog post features incidents that are based on real events.  All characters appearing in this work are ficticious, and emails have been edited for humour and grammar.  Any resemblence between the incidences and persons in this blog post, real or inferred, are purely coincidental.

We just relaunched our site at work.  The new site is awesome, and has a very cool info-graphic style front page.

So far the response has been great, sales people love it, our internal users love it, and our customers love it.

Of course, someone’s always gotta find something to complain about.  It tends to be the same core group of people who like to see things done differently.

So this time, I decided to play with them.  I know they’re not intentionally being jerks, it’s just their way.  What they fail to realize is my design team and I are ALL equipped with Photoshop.

From: A Sales Person:

Hi Brian,

Just a quick follow up-I liked the new web site very much. I think it has a lot of new and useful features.

On the other hand, I was wondering if there is a way to “Photoshop” the picture for the guy below? If you pay attention to his pants, you will notice they are extremely wrinkled, and since this picture is on the very 1st page of our web site, I think it should look a little better.

Is this possible please? Thanks for your help

Ole Wrinkly Pants

After some Photoshop Magic courtesy of Randall, I emailed the original requester back:

From Brian:
Problem solved! Thanks for the suggestion!

No Pants!
This apparently wasn’t quite what he was looking for.  Luckily he provided some helpful guidance!


Are his legs going to be put back in with no wrinkles ? It looks funny now , unless you remove the legs of the girl too?

Two floating torsos didn’t seem quite what we were looking for, so I suggested that maybe we should add some legs to the body.

Here’s how Randall won at Photoshop.  (Apologies to Mike B).

New Pants



Randall then proceeded after I posted this to continue winning at Photoshop, in two more images.Spongebob Battista Pants


Hammer Time