The Toronto Maple Leafs squeaked by the Ottawa Senators tonight in game 6 of the Stanley Cup quarter-finals. Squeaked is the operative word. They were down two goals in the first ten minutes of the game, and came back to win it 4-3. The Sens can really pour on the pressure, and the last five minutes of the game were all Ottawa. Gary Roberts is playing like a man 5 years younger than he is. Finally Alexander Moginlny finally got a big goal, about damn time! Tuesday night’s game looks like it’s gonna be great. The rivalry that’s building between the Senators and the Leafs is really building. Tomorrow night the Sharks and the Avalanche will be facing off in a similar situation, the Avs have got to battle back from a 3-2 series in order to go on and fulfil my prophecy of a Maple Leafs/Avalanche Stanley Cup final.