It’s come to my attention that Jeff is STILL debating the fact that his team didn’t win the award for “most jobbers” in this year’s Royal Rumble. I thought it best to break down Jeff’s Team in order for him to see that it was a pretty frickin’ decent bunch of guys (oh, and Jeff has the nerve to argue this despite the fact that he won the award for guy who lasts the longest in RVD).

Bill DeMott – Former U.S. Champion in WCW. The U.S. Title was the equivalent of the Inter-Continental title. This guy loses his first match since his re-intro TONIGHT! That’s two months of squashing guys…jobber my @$$!

RVD – Multiple InterContinental champion in WWE, ECW TV champion, ECW Tag Team Champion

Rosey – Former Tag Team Champion WWE

Rikishi – Former Inter-Continental champion WWE, former Tag Team Champion WWE.

Kane – Former multi-time inter-continental champion. Multi-time tag team champion. WWE Heavyweight Champion for 24 hours in 1999.

So just to recap, every single member of Jeff’s team has held gold.

Team Darkside however had exactly two guys who have ever tasted gold in WWE (Booker T, the 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time WCW Champion, and who held all the gold in WCW at one time or another, who was tag champ with GoldDust, and Tommy Dreamer who won the now defunct Hardcore belt, and had a couple of belts in ECW). Nowinski, Cena, and Maven are rookies who haven’t even SNIFFED gold yet, and who won’t for at least another year.

Hell, a better case could be made for Team Josh, who had two guys untouched by gold in WWE, and who’s other players have held; Rey: Tag Gold, Matt Hardy: Tag gold, Inter-continental, Jeff Hardy: Tag gold, Hardcore, European.

So once and for all, Team Darkside held the most classically defined “Jobbers”, guys who have not held a belt, and who are regularly beaten on TV to get other guys over.