Now this is cool!

A whole new version of the Playstation is coming out later this year, and it’s going to be the first steps in Sony’s attempt to gain control of your entire living room. It will have a 120GB hard drive, built in modem, ethernet, and DVD Recorder, and will have a built in satelite/cable tuner for recording programs to the hard drive ala a TiVo.

This is a terrific idea, and if Sony were to offer a $10.00/month subscription package to an online games forum, and tv guide listings, I’d be on that bandwagon faster than you could watch me jump.

Yo TiVo…you better watch your backs, Sony’s sneakin’ up behind you, and Microsoft won’t be too far behind with the X-Box if they’re smart (imagine the same scenario for the X-Box, only using Windows Media Encoder to record the shows rather than an MPEG encoder).

The big difference for Sony and X-Box is that the console’s are loss leaders so they can make more cash from the licensing of games. TiVo needs to make a profit on the systems.