Still With Destiny, After All These Years

Destiny the Rise of Iron

It’s been two years since I started playing Destiny, a game by Bungie, the original makers of the Halo series of games. It’s the only game that I have been this involved with for this much time, and today I still love it.

Destiny Six Months In

Destiny Six Months

Back in September, after my PS3 died and I bought a replacement for it, I picked up a copy of Destiny with the new system (along with Last of Us, and GTA V).  I blitzed through the single player story, and started doing some of the end game content.  In the last six months, it… Continue reading Destiny Six Months In

Game Review Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum is a brief, brutal, and faithful look into the world of the Dark Knight Detective which succeeds on all of the levels that comic book games traditionally fail at. While it doesn’t add a whole lot new to the Batman mythos, it deals with familiar territory in a reassuring and respectful way,… Continue reading Game Review Batman Arkham Asylum

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PS3 vs Xbox 360

I picked up a PS3 a few weeks ago, and I’ve been playing quite a bit of PS3 since then, but I recently installed the New Xbox Experience on my 360, and I have to say that…ummm, wow. The PS3 is a beautiful piece of hardware, but the 360 is a much better experience overall.

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