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Destiny the Rise of Iron

Still With Destiny, After All These Years

It’s hard to believe, but we stopped working on BalanceDo two years ago.  In order to truly wind down, I bought a game that had just come out two weeks before.  I had loved the Halo series, but hadn’t really played a game fully since GTA IV, and Destiny looked like the right balance of dumb and fun.

I picked it up, breezed through the story mode, and played the weekly strikes and other match made content.  It wasn’t until Christmas when I started using LFG (looking for group) sites to match up in order to play some of the end-game content. Continue Reading

Destiny Six Months

Destiny Six Months In

Back in September, after my PS3 died and I bought a replacement for it, I picked up a copy of Destiny with the new system (along with Last of Us, and GTA V).  I blitzed through the single player story, and started doing some of the end game content.  In the last six months, it is the only game I have played.

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LucasArts May 1982 – April 2013

When I think of the games that I loved the most growing up, LucasArts is the company that gives me the most warm and fuzzies.

To me, computer gaming hit its peak in about 1999, and at that point LucasArts was the undisputed master.  Shortly after, consoles would become the dominant player in the industry, and while PC gaming has never truly gone away, the glory days have come and gone.

Lucas had so many different games, entire genres, not to mention some of the best licenses in Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

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Game Review Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum is a brief, brutal, and faithful look into the world of the Dark Knight Detective which succeeds on all of the levels that comic book games traditionally fail at. While it doesn’t add a whole lot new to the Batman mythos, it deals with familiar territory in a reassuring and respectful way, while at the same time treading a path that is uniquely it’s own. Continue Reading

Relics of my youth: The Arcade

This is progress

This is progress

I was on Gizmodo several months ago when I came across an article on a man who has built his own video game arcade museum. It got me to thinking about another of the bygone things from my youth, the video game arcade. They were a product of the 80’s, really reaching their zenith around 1985 or so. Today they are all but extinct with the modern day arcade being half kiddie Las Vegas where high scores are rewarded with tickets (which in turn can be redeemed for all but useless trinkets), and half broken down semi-amusement rides resembling cars, skateboards, and motorcycles.

My favourite arcade memories in London were at Wizard’s Castle, Wizards II, and Ace Arcade, all downtown within a three block radius. Continue Reading

The best game of 2008

The Games of 2008

The Games of 2008

I’ll be doing some “Best of” lists over the holidays as I do every year when I look back on the year that was, best comic, best website, best gadget, and best movie are still to come, but this one is an absolute no-brainer.  The best game for 2008 in my opinion totally ran away with it.

Let’s look at a few stats.

  • It’s the only game that I’ve played OVER 80 hours on.
  • It’s the only game that I continued to play regularly 10 months later
  • It’s the only game that I’ve bought for both systems
  • It’s the only game that had totally game-changing downloadable content.

The game of the year is… Continue Reading

PS3 vs Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 Gamercard, vs the PSN portable ID

The Xbox 360 Gamercard, vs the PSN portable ID

I picked up a PS3 a few weeks ago, and I’ve been playing quite a bit of PS3 since then, but I recently installed the New Xbox Experience on my 360, and I have to say that…ummm, wow.

The PS3 is a beautiful piece of hardware, but the 360 is a much better experience overall.

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How did games become my new movies?

The best games from the beginning of 2008

The best games from the beginning of 2008

I don’t know when it happened exactly, but at some point in the last 5 years, I stopped being a huge movie nut, and transferred some of that love over to video games.  I used to read Premiere magazine, and Entertainment Weekly.  I would surf Film Threat, and Cinematical, Rotten Tomatoes was a weekly pilgramige, and I always knew what new releases were out on video.  My DVD collection was huge, and always growing.

Then a strange thing happened.  About 3 years ago I kind of stopped buying DVD’s.  You can almost see a line in my collection that looks like a growth line in a tree.  Tons of DVD’s, then nothing.

A similar thing happened with my surf habits.  I now visit Gamespot, Giant Bomb, Joystiq, PS3 Fanboy and Xbox 360 Fanboy on a daily basis. Continue Reading

Game Review: Star Wars the Force Unleashed

Yeah, that's a freaking Rancor!

Yeah, that is a freakin' Rancor!

Star Wars the Force Unleashed as a game is a good, but not great game.  Star Wars the Force Unleashed as a cannonical movie is incredible.  The gameplay at times is fantastic, but at times so broken and repetitive that it’s almost not worth playing through another level to get to the cutscene and story.

Almost not worth playing, fortunately for the Force Unleashed, the story that is told in the game is so good, that slogging through another impossible task is worth it. Continue Reading

What I’m playing – the summer edition

My Profile on

My Profile on

I managed to get a fair amount of gaming in this summer, much to my wife’s chagrin.  The majority of it is all casual, or quick games that I can play for ten or twenty minute stretches in between all of the other stuff I do, but it’s fun nonetheless.

Here’s my list of games I’ve played over the summer. Continue Reading