Cooke’s New Frontier Update

Let me see if I have DC Figured out yet.

New Frontiers will be a 6 issue prestige format miniseries with each volume coming in at around 66 pages with a cover price of $5.95.

The six volumes will be be collected into 3 $14.99 hardcovers (with a page count of 138 pages, meaning there will be 5 “extra” pages 2 of which will be the introduction, 2 of which will be the covers, and 1 of which will be a “sketchbook” page.

It will then be collected into a 420 page hardcover, which will have 20 bonus pages, at a price of $54.95.

That will be collected into two 250 page hardcover volumes, slipcased with a deluxe tip-in plate, and a shrink-wrapped collectors item cover reproduction of Detective #27, all for the low, low price of $75.00 (only $134.99 Canadian kids!).

The series will then be collected into a softcover for $29.95, with a new introduction by “hot new writer”, and an epilogue by Ben Affleck.

I’ll end up buying all 5 versions of it, and cursing myself every time.

I swear, comics is a sickness…much like heroin, only heroin’s cheaper, and I don’t end up with 12 versions of the same damn thing in my house.