Bernie Wrightson, One of my Favourite Artists, has died

Bernie Wrightson - A Look Back

Bernie Wrightson, who was one of my favourite artists of all time, and who greatly influenced my own art style, passed away on Saturday night after a long battle with brain cancer. He was 68 years old.

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Fan Expo Canada 2016

Our Fan Expo Canada Stan Lee Experience

I’ve been going to Fan Expo Canada with Kaylin and Maks for the last three years. They’ve both reached the age where we can manage to do the entire show floor with a minimal amount of whining. This year we had a mission, we would be meeting Stan Lee.

Fan Expo Canada 2014

I wasn’t even planning on going to Fan Expo this year.  I’ve been pretty much every year for the last eight years, and this year I thought I’d skip it. Then some stuff happened, and I realized I’d like to see my friends, some of whom I only get to see once a year.  So… Continue reading Fan Expo Canada 2014

Why I Love Drawing Bears

A few people have asked me why I have been drawing bears so much in the last two years, it all started out innocently enough. I drew a not-very-good picture of a doofy looking teddy-bear creature on a post-it-note, and put the caption “Socially Awkward Bear” on it.