Chick’s Hardware – tom3’s Case Mods

This is one ugly assed version of what I want to do…but the gist of it is there. Replace the cheesy metal covering with a nice maple wood grain, add a nice little padded cover to the top of it, cut the number of drive bays by half, (one CD RW, one DVD drive, and one floppy drive), and add a few fans on the front of it, and we’re in business.

The “How To” segments were great, and really pointed me in a few directions that I hadn’t thought of before, for example, I can just re-use my old 486 AT case for the drive bays and the PC Slots. I should put an absorbant material on the inside to keep the noise inside the case to a minimum, and I need to think about the On/Off/Reset switches and where they will be placed. Most importantly, I want to keep the inside of the case relatively dust free, so I should consider some Hep Filters, and really go to town on the wiring to keep it neat inside the case.

Damn this is gonna be a fun little project! I can’t wait to get started!