I’m tired of Marvel Comics

With the recent dismissal of Mark Waid from FF, and this past weekend’s annoucement of Grant Morrison signing on exclusively with DC…I think it’s about time for me to seriously reconsider Marvel Comics.

First off, why am I buying the single issues when they are getting reprinted seconds after storylines are completed? Sometimes titles are collected into trades a week or two after the final issue in the mini-series is completed.

Right now I’m reading: Exiles, Fantastic Four, New X-Men, The Ultimates, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Uncanny X-Men

Exiles sucks, I’m dropping it. Fantastic Four will suck once Waid is gone, so I’m off it. New X-Men is going to go through a creative change, Ultimates is similarly going through a creative change, and Uncanny is just sticking around because I’ve been with it for 12 years. Honestly though, I should be dropping it since it’s so inconsistant, and utterly crappy. Ultimates and Ultimate Spidey rock the mike…but Ultimates comes out once in a blue moon, and Ultimate Spidey suffers from the “5 minutes after an arc is done, it’s collected”.

So should I drop all of my Marvels?

I’ll be picking up JLA/Avengers, 1602, and Supreme Power…but you just KNOW these are all going to be collected as well…and the collected versions will be better because they’ll have extra stuff and/or be hardcover collections with gorgeous binding. I know I’ll buy both editions, I guess I’ll just sell the originals.

I’m just tired of being such a lemming. Why do I do it?