Wow. The new Bret redesign is just as craptastic as the old design…just even more craptacular. You would think that the site would be semi-decent, I could throw a dart and hit a half dozen fanatical web freaks who would LOVE to build the guy a site (hell, I could toss the dart straight up, and still hit a guy who would do the site for free).

The site’s built in ASP, but I don’t see any server side technology being used…yet the site is PAINFULLY slow!

Damn. Maybe it’s time to revitalize too! is available. Too bad that wrestlers are some of the hardest people to get cash out of.

1 thought on “ is CRAPTASTIC!”

  1. Couldnt agree with you more. MY site is quite well known as THE Bret Hart site on the web.

    If you look through our news and forum archives you will see that Bret himself agreed for me to do his site, yet as soon as he returned to Canada his management were offputtish to say the least! Now look what they have!

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