Recently on the Talk@Newsarama boards, some dude asked if anyone was pleased with the fact that “Trouble” isn’t living up to the industry’s lofty expectations.

This of course irritated me for a number of reasons…mostly because of how Trouble was targeted at a different market than the average comic…of which I’m always into.

The guy went on to make comments about how some writers shouldn’t delve into politics…dumb, dumb, dumb. Here’s the part of the conversation that really annoyed me;



Originally posted by MayorBigRig


If our kids, 20 years from now, pick up a comic with references to “the Texan” and little snide remarks about the WMD hunt in Iraq, they’re not really going to get it unless they’re really up on their history.


If my kids, 20 years from now, don’t know about the “Texan”, and the Weapons of Mass Destruction fiasco in Iraq…then I’ll personally march to their school and teach the damn history class myself!

Events of the last 4 years, beginning with the fiasco which was the presidential race between Gore and Bush, and culminating with the “war on Iraq”, are the stuff of history, and damn well better NOT be forgotten!


Of course in typical troll like fashion, he went on some history rant about how the only thing that matters in the last 18 months is 9-11, never mind that the events of 9-11 were a symptom of how America is looked on by much of the world…and that it was a wake up call. The guy even implied that he’s a phD in history.

Bully for you buddy!