I went to the Canadian National Comic Book Expo yesterday, and it was much better than last year. Maybe because I went later in the day (around 4:00), but it didn’t feel nearly as cramped, and the retailers I spoke to said they were doing just as well as they did last year.

I sat in on Bendis’ Ultimate Universe panel, which was pretty interesting. I also finally got to meet J. Torres, who sponsored the “Comic book of the Month Subscription” that I won back in November. I picked up his Copybook Tales, which I’ve started reading and have really enjoyed so far.

I’m going back today with some friends, yesterday was just for a little solo geek-out time.

Speaking of geeking out. I’m slowly, but surely migrating towards using Mozilla Firebird as my only browser of choice. It’s lean, faster than IE, and works really well! I’ve been incredibly impressed with it so far.

Of course tonight’s my “official” return to Wrestling. I’m writing the re-cap of SummerSlam, tomorrow night I’ll be doing the RAW Re-cap, and on Wednesday I write my first column.