Why are Western Canadians so insecure?

I’m currently cleaning out the tech mailbox at work, and I’ve had no fewer than a dozen e-mails this week regarding an upcoming Saskatchewan Roughriders game. They all go something like this:

Dear Toronto Sports Network (that’s what Westerners think TSN means), why isn’t our game on, yet games in the Eastern division are.

Or; “I realize that the world revolves around Toronto…”

Now in this particular case, I agree with them, TSN should be airing the Saskatchewan game because it will be way better than the Argo’s game, although that game has playoff implications.

It doesn’t matter though. Every single e-mail has to contain a slam against Toronto.

I’m thinking really hard about this, and I can’t think of one time that I’ve ever heard a Torontonian complain about the West. We say things like “Man it’s beautiful”, or “Good weed out west.”, I personally like to ride my cousin Brenda who lives out west by calling her a “granola eater”, but it’s all in good fun (I also call our friends in California granola eaters…so it’s not like I’m just picking on Western Canada).

Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe they dislike us because we don’t actually think about them?

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By Brian Garside

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