A List Apart relaunched last week while I was on “the island”, and it has three great articles right off the top which are incredibly timely.

Speaking of launches and re-launches, I’m going to start working on the re-launch of the home page of TSN.ca this week, now that I’ve finally wrapped my head around some of the more confusicating aspects of CSS (in particular the stuff about widths in I.E. vs other browsers), I’m going to keep a version of the work in progress on my /darkside/ folder on TSN.ca at /darkside/css/.

Writer’s Quill should be launching tonight or tomorrow night, only two weeks late. Yay. I’m having problems accessing it from home consistantly, so I’m going to try to solve those problems tonight first.

Next up will be Chronicology.com, which should launch within the week, and this site will move sometime after that.

I recently realized that Chronicology will be the final death of the whole “Darkside” internet persona, as I move finally away from the psudonym and into using my real name all over the place online. I gave up on my lord_darkside Hotmail account, got rid of the lorddarkside Sympatico account, and even my Tales From The Darkside columns on TSN.ca go by the byline of Brian “Darkside” Garside.

Maybe it’s the last sign that I’m growing up? Or maybe I’m just trying to create a “brand” in my real name?