Praise for Live

I’ve mentioned some secretive plans for an X-Box live thing that will be doing in the near future. We’re going to create a sports hub, and give X-Box Live a little legitimacy, I’m really excited about this prospect because it will be the toe hold into video games that I’ve always thought should have.

One of my favourite sites Penny-Arcade, has a nice little snippet about X-Box Live and how easy it is to use;

I’ve spent enough time on Live with recent titles that it’s impossible for me to compare the two approaches. You don’t sign in to Live, you don’t create a password, you push A. Every game supports voice and a universal friends list I can view from the web. I have a hard disk built in for content. There is an ethernet port. That’s not so you can put a jelly bean in there in case you need it later, it’s so you can put in a cable and access the Internet.

“You push A.”, I love it! Of course it’s easier with an X-Box since there’s that hard drive thingie, you could conceivably have a dozen or more memory cards with the PS2 (I’m always playing “cull the oldies” with my save games since I only have one memory card, which fits about 10 games if you’re lucky). Still, what a brilliant idea.

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By Brian Garside

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