Phat TatsI left work early yesterday to go to the Toronto Comicon at Exhibition Place here in Toronto. The show is huge, spacious, well laid out, has tons of guests, and is damn cold! That’s right damn cold.

I had a chance to meet and talk to Kevin Maguire, Dan Brereton, Jimmy Palmotti, Phil Jimnez, and of course, Tony Harris.

Actually, truth be told, I kind of made a pest of myself at Tony’s table. I showed him my tattoo (and he showed me his, the one that Jack had on his upper shoulder), talked to him about Starman, about his influences (including Mucha), and I asked him to do me a sketch of Jack. The coolest thing happened later when a guy came by asking Tony to do his sketch on art board. I bought a page off the guy, and asked Tony to do my sketch on artboard too. I went back last night, to see how the sketch was coming along, but he had only gotten to two sketches. He promised to get to mine first thing this morning, so I asked Rob from ComicsNMore to pick mine up for me.

On Wednesday I’ll have my sketch.