My Starman sketchSo I went to Comics and More (my favourite comic shop) today, to pick up my weekly haul, talk about comics, and most importantly, pick up my sketch.

What awaited me was quite simply awesome. There, behind the cash, in a nice little Mylar sleeve (thanks Pete), was my Jack Knight Starman sketch.

Rob, the owner of the store, said he was amazed at the detail Tony put into the sketch, and would have gotten one himself if he knew that they would be that amazing.

I’m just in awe. It’s a gorgeous sketch that blew away my expectations. Everything about it is perfect, Jack’s pose, his look, the fact that he did the goggles, got the star in, and drew the top of the staff…man, what an awesome thing. I’m so happy that I went to the show, and now I have an amazing Starman sketch hanging on my office wall.

Thanks Tony!

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By Brian Garside

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