I’ve been illin’ and chillin’, taking a much needed break, doing only minimal computer work, and generally spending more time with the wife, family, friends, and my X-Box for the last week or so.Christmas was great, I got to visit with both my 2 year old nephew Josh and newborn niece Kim, ate way too much food, got some cool gifts (like a circular saw and the Tenacious D Complete Masterworks DVD set), spent too much money on boxing day (got me a second X-Box controller, and the Classic Midway Arcade games), and got back to the gym in a good way.

There’s lots to be happy about in 03, and lots to look forward to in 04.

03 saw the dissolution of BGMI and a return to fiscal sanity, which was a nice thing, it was sad to see so many friends get laid off, but the end result was a leaner, meaner company. It also inspired me to really work on my own stuff for the first time in a couple of years, and has led me back in the direction that I veered off from (keep watching HeadsDown.com for more on that stuff in the days and weeks ahead).

Exciting things for 04 will include the birth of my best friend’s baby, probably my last re-design for TSN.ca, a lot of work creating synergies between the various web teams at CTV (which I would like to leave as my legacy to the place that helped me grow so much), the purchase of our new house, and maybe before the end of the year some exciting news on an addition to our own family? The last one’s up to powers greater than I however.

I was asked last night what my resolutions for 2004 were. I’ll go with the standard “to be in better shape than I was last year” (which came true last year, and hopefully will continue this year as I lost 20lbs last year and have about 30 more to go), to put more time into Ryan and my little side project, and to still find quality time for Charlene.