I have played many video games in my life. I might even say that at various points in my time I’ve been a “vidiot”, however not since Half Life have I loved a game as much as I’m loving Halo: Combat Evolved.I’ve played it at least 16 hours so far, including an 8 hour marathon on Saturday night that went from 11:00 until 7:30am! I f-ing love this game, it’s incredibly in-depth, the enemies are awesome, you fight alongside marines at various points (and it’s always my objective to try to keep the little buggers alive while we’re dishing out the death to the baddies). It’s equal part Aliens and Predator, has tons of Half Life styled goodness in it, a ton of weapons that just kick it so old school, and the most intuitive controls I’ve ever used.

The enemies are brilliant, my favourite tactic is chucking a plasma grenade (which sticks to things and people) right onto an enemy, and watching as they run away, right into their awaiting group of friends…who are all killed.

The vehicles are awesome, jeeps, tanks, flying skidoo’s, and aircraft all make up your arsenal, and you can kick much ass with any of them.

If Halo2 has X-Box Live enabled when it launches, it may be the greatest game of all time.