Jeffro wins 2 of 3 prizes, nearly takes the clean sweep.Once again, this year’s Royal Rumble Pool was full of controversy as Jeff took the #1 pick with a bonus pick, and secured himself the winner of the rumble, as well as the guy who eliminated the most others.

Jeff’s squad of guys he actually picked were jobbers of the ultimate variety. Ironically, his only non-jobber was never actually picked by him (Curtis picked the other bonus number, and chose #11, leaving only #1 in the picking envelope).

Here then is the Royal Rumble entrance order:

1: Chris Benoit, 2: Randy Orton, 3: Mark Henry, 4: Tajiri, 5: Bradshaw, 6: Rhyno, 7: Matt Hardy, 8: Scott Steiner, 9: Matt Morgan, 10: Hurricane, 11: Booker T, 12: Kane, 13: Spike Dudley, 15: Rikishi, 16: Renee Dupree, 17: A-Train, 18: Shelton Benjamin, 19: Ernest “The Cat” Miller, 20: Rico, 21: (Test who was attacked backstage by…) Mick Foley, 22: Christian, 23: Nunzio, 24: Big Show, 25: Chris Jericho, 26: Charlie Haas, 27: Billy Gunn, 28: John Cena, 29: Rob Van Dam, 30: Bill Goldberg.

Rumble Exit order:

1: Bradshaw (Benoit), 2: Tajiri (Rhyno), 3: Mark Henry (Benoit), 4: Hurricane (Morgan), 5: Steiner (Booker T), 6: Kane (Booker T), 7: Rhyno (Benoit), 8: Hardy (Dupree), 9: Dupree (Rikishi), 10: Morgan (Benoit), 11: Rikishi (Orton), 12: Booker T (Orton), 13: A-Train (Benoit), 14: Benjamin (Orton), 15: The Cat (Orton), 16: Rico (Orton), 17: Orton (Foley), 18: Foley (NA), 19: Christian (Jericho), 20: Haas (Goldberg), 21: Gunn (Goldberg), 22: Nunzio (Goldberg), 23: Goldberg (Angle), 24: Cena (Show), 25: RVD (Show), 26: Jericho (Show), 27: Angle (Show), 28: Show (Benoit).

You’ll note that there’s one exit missing, that honour would go to Spike, who was destroyed by Kane, and didn’t actually make it inside the ring.

The breakdown of most eliminated are as follows:

Benoit: Eliminated 6, Orton: Eliminated 5, Goldberg: Eliminated 4, Show: Eliminated 3, Booker T: Eliminated 2, Rhyno: Eliminated 1, Matt Morgan: Elminated 1, Renee Dupree: Eliminated 1, Rikishi: Eliminated 1, Kurt Angle: Eliminated 1, Mick Foley: Eliminated 1, Chris Jericho: Eliminated 1

Now the good stuff, the teams:

Jeff’s Jobbers: (winners of last man and most eliminated)

Chris Benoit, Mark Henry, Matt Morgan, Spike Dudley, Nunzio

The Erzy Experience: (winners of the bacon prize)

A-Train, The Cat, Rico, Mick Foley

Larry’s Breakfast Special:

Kane, Hurricane, Dupree, Billy Gunn

Team Cream of Sum Yung Thai (Benson):

Randy Orton, Scott Steiner, John Cena, Rob Van Dam

The New Guys (Phil):

Rhyno, Christian, Charlie Haas, Goldberg

StrikeForce (Curtis):

Bradshaw, Booker T, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin

The AssHams (Brian):

Tajiri, Matt Hardy, Rikishi, The Big Show