FAO Schwartz is bankrupt, and as part of the bankrupcy proceedings, they are selling off their incredibly cool Star Wars props.This grouping has sold already:

X-Wing Fighter – Sold for $13,200.00 USD

This Giant Xwing Fighter is approximately 35 ft long. It has an inscription in the cockpit indicating it is Commander Luke Skywalker’s Xwing Fighter. R2D2 is sitting in the rear of the fighter.

AT AT – Sold for $7,625.00 USD

This Giant ATAT is approximately 15 ft. The head turns side to side. Lights on head of ATAT. (It’s basically just the head and front legs)

X-Wing Fighter – Sold for $5,100.00 USD

This Xwing Fighter is approximately 10 ft long and has a wingspan of approximately 10 ft. A blaster is missing from one of the guns on one of the wings. There is another auction being done for a very similar Xwing fighter that has all four blasters attached.

TIE Fighter – Sold for $2,627.76 USD

This Tie Fighter is approximately 3 ft. by 4 ft. in size. There is another auction being done on a very similar Tie Fighter.

Mind you, the removal of said item could cost more than the auction!

Buyer is responsible for removal of item from FAO store, and for arranging all transportation of such removal; including all city, county and state permits and licenses for said removal. Buyer is also responsible for repair of any damage to city or mall property that may incur with removal. All removal (including any materials attached or custom to the item) will be done in workman-like fashion and conform to any local, state and federal codes or laws. Buyer will not leave any structure in any public accessed area that may cause a safety hazard to the public. The FAO store or city property must be returned to conditions prior tothe placement of the sold FAO item.