It’s that time of the year again. Today marks the beginning of the 2001 Toronto International Comic Book Expo! at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Larry (he of The Second Story fame) and I will be going tomorrow morning around 11:00am. I really really REALLY want to be there by noon to see the DC Comics presentation, which will highlight what they have under wraps for next year. Should be a great show though.

Speaking of Comics, here’s the:

Comic of the Week (For August 22, 2001): Powers 13

This was such an awesome book, and totally broke down so many comic book conventions. Written like an issue of People Magazine, this issue had tons of great “editorial piecs” and some great looks into the world of Powers. The main feature of this issue is an interview with “Olympia”, think the power and physique of Superman with the foibles of Bill Clinton. It was terrific. The last two panels of the issue feature a woman (perhaps Olympia’s wife?) committing suicide, and it was one of the most shocking, and tragic sequences of events that I’ve seen in comics in a long time.

Absolutely amazing stuff.