(Something I posted on Newsarama.com) With all due respect to comics fans in general, we all need to just let go of things.Let go of Hal Jordan, let go of Ronnie Raymond, let go of Barry Allen, let go of Young Justice, let go of Kara, let go of your freaking childhoods and just let creators tell stories.

I’m tired of the Hal Jordan nonsense, the guy was a cardboard character who had no personality (and I was a HUGE Green Lantern fan in my childhood). In five issues Kyle Rayner had more character than Hal EVER did. Kyle has actually grown as a character, again something that Hal never did.

Wally West has become the best Flash ever, and the stories that are being told are amazing, bumping even Mark Waid’s run to second best.

Ronnie shared the same fault Hal did, cardboard, without a real personality (again, I was a huge Firestorm fan). I’m looking forward to the new series.

Young Justice, an interesting fringe book (which I collected), but it was always the New Teen Titans. The new series is really well written, has awesome art, and pays homage to the old while striving forward with new ideas. Heck, the people who are crying for Hal and Ronnie should be delighted with this book and how much honour it puts on the old “feel” of the 80’s Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans run.

Where’s the arms being flailed over Hero? The new concept is golden, the original series was fun, and it was always cool to see original designs, but this one is awesome.

All in all, I get really down on comics fans when I come here. Comics are better than they’ve ever been, and all I read is “I want Hal back”, or “Young Justice was better than Titans, Wizard hyped Titans up so much”.

By the way, if Wizard has so much influence on everything, does that mean that Wizard outsells the number one comic? Wizard influences me a lot less than “First look previews”, and good reviews of books from the likes of TheFourthRail.com