Kelvin and Daan approached me a couple of weeks ago, telling me that for April Fool’s this year, I was going to be hired by WWE. I loved the idea, especially considering our history of April Fool’s jokes. There’s been various sightings of “Sid Drake” (an anagram for “Darkside”), two years ago we wrote about Goldberg being signed by WWE, last year we were going to do a story about Sable, Chyna and The Kat returning, but that night Sable actually showed up on WWE programming! This year we knew we had to do something that “smelled real” but wasn’t. We’ve learned from previous years not to push it too far, so at the end of the article, we came out and said that it was all an April Fool’s joke.For my regular Wednesday article, I was going to do a DVD review, but I realized that an article I had in the pipe about Triple H not being selfish, just doing what he thinks is good for business (an opinion I really do believe) would set things up a little for the next day’s announcement. The article could be construed as a political move if taken in the right context, and sure enough, one of the “Your Caller’s” actually asked if WWE was paying me to say this.

I wrote up the quotes for my “hiring announcement” and e-mailed them to Kelvin, who fleshed the story out with some awesome details such as where I would be, and the names of people I would be working with. In my quotes I gave specifics of people I would be working with, but was vague and secretive about what my plans were…looking at it again, it’s pretty funny how little we said with so many words.

It worked. Not only did Ryan fall for it at first, but a bunch of the Your Caller’s fell for it too. That’s good stuff.

Luckily isn’t alone. Google posted a job opportunity for their new Lunar Hosting and Research Center, BMW offers a new way to cook. Thinkgeek, who have come up with the USB George Forman Grill, and the Caffinated Meatloaf, have introduced this year’s hoax, the “Gastron Remote Controlled Hunger Eliminator“. The Atlantic Tunnel is on its way as well, with a high speed train that will transport passengers from New Jersey to Swansea in 8 hours and 20 minutes!