Welcome MezzoBlue Visitors

Dave Shea of MezzoBlue posted a link to “The Standards Police Will Get You” today, detaling my frustrations with an e-mail from “Timo”, who commented on the fact that TSN.ca doesn’t validate according to W3 rules.

A ton of good discussion has gone on about the subject, and it was really interesting to read.

As a follow-up, we are indeed working on an XHTML 1.0 Transitional version of the site, and it should launch later this summer. My personal preview pages live at http://www.tsn.ca/darkside/css/ although right now the pages probably don’t validate.

Ironically, this site itself doesn’t validate because of some stuff I’m doing with links in the side to make them a little more dynamic with Blogger. It will validate once I convert the site over to Writer’s Quill though later this summer.

3 thoughts on “Welcome MezzoBlue Visitors”

  1. It’ll be amazing to see something vaguely resembling validation from any BCE property.

    Also, Brian, you need a Contact section on your site here.

  2. Good point about the validation, I don’t know how long it will last before the guys on the row ruin my precious validation…but oh well.

    I had to remove my contact section recently when I had a massive spamming on this site. I keep meaning to re-write it in a sneakier way so that people can contact me, but I keep on forgetting.

    I’ll add it to my “list o things to do this weekend”.

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