Psst, buddy, want GMail?

I have two GMail invites up for grabs.All I want in return is a recommendation on a cool vacation spot. Char and I have a little extra money saved, and we’d like to go somewhere awesome this fall (October timeframe).

The best two suggestions get the invites.

2 thoughts on “Psst, buddy, want GMail?”

  1. Whistler BC is always a beautiful place.. October the hills are closed though so it’s sort of dead that time of year. The nice thing is the hotels are not as expensive.

    My favorite facation place though is Barbados. A small island in the caribean with surf on one side and crystal ocean on the other for waterskiing and diving. I haven’t been there for a while but the locals looked at tourists like they were friends rather than trespassers. The sand is beautiful and the water is even nicer.

    Sheldon Kotyk
    sheldon at kotyk dot com


    The lake the hills are all within close proximity… beautiful countryside and the plethora of wineries can keep you buzzed for a whole week. Besides there are 2 young girls who are absolutely the most entertaining (in a wholesome way)kids you have ever seen. The Kittling Ridge hotel provides gorgeous views of Lake Ontario (sludge free)

    Big Daddy

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